The Right Mix of Talent

          We know that the best solutions can only come from the best people. Each older adult with his/her home is a unique situation, and we create a team with the right talents to work on that specific STÅ Plan. Team members are Subject Matter Experts from within theESHgroup, from specialized consultants to theESHgroup, as well as the older adult himself/herself.

          To conduct STÅ planning for a specific older adult, theESHgroup builds a team of specialists tailored for that particular situation, chosen from among our licensed engineers, architects and digital artists. The team lead is formally trained and certified by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. We then make arrangements to work with specialized consultants as may be necessary at that particular home, such as for an occupational therapist, home inspector, or a structural engineer. And most importantly, the older adult and/or family member themselves are made a part of the team, to help address such considerations as health assessments, medical issues and personal preferences.