Plan for the Future

Financial Management Plan

STÅ Plan

Estate Plan

          We help older adults and their families avoid risk, as an inherent part of our everyday work. The important decision of where and how to spend the second half of our lives in a safe and thriving manner is a difficult one to make, fraught with risk, rarely offering the opportunity of a do-over. The objective assessment of the STÅ planning process provides key data to that decision-making process. Each STÅ Plan provides the following that helps with risk avoidance:

  • A detailed comprehensive analysis with a resulting plan to continue living in that home in a safe and satisfying manner for at least the next ten years and, baring any significant changes in health and medical status, for the next 20-30 years.  
  • A current assessment and ten-year forecast of the resident’s abilities to perform activities vital to independent living, including outside help with some of the activities
  • A room-by-room functional analysis of potential challenges to identified vital personal activities, followed by actionable, mitigating projects
  • A ten-year roadmap of mitigating projects, identifying scope, timeframe and approximate cost
  • A 30-year forecast of routine major costs to maintain this home
  • A 2-D floor plan of the house, identifying personal activity locations
  • 3-D visualizations of key mitigating projects to assist with project implementation