We are widely recognized as being stingy with our proposed solutions. We subscribe to the philosophy of doing more with less, with reusing existing versus building new, and with creative planning for the long term.  We believe in heavily leveraging what is currently there. The results are solutions of acceptable financial and operational risk. Our STÅ Plans recommend prudent actions that result in your home having the right attributes, at the right time, and at the right price, in keeping with your varying challenges to performing a broad array of activities of daily living.

          For instance, one older adult has carefully navigated an arduous pathway from the garage through a laundry room into her kitchen and main living areas for over 30 years. She is already having knee and balance challenges. Our STÅ Plan proposes a minor doorway realignment project three years from now, to coincide with an improved overhead lighting project for the garage, to provide a safe as well as well-lit pathway from car to interior of the house. There is no urgency to do that work today!