Detailed 3D Digital Scans

2D Drawings from 3D

          We find that the use of 3D and 2D digital models is indispensable to analyze situations and communicate solutions during the STÅ planning process. Visualizations are vital to more clearly understand complex real-life situations and to explore options for projects around the home that mitigate anticipated challenges to activities of daily living for the older adult.

          A 3D model begins with conducting digital 3D scans of key portions of a home, augmented by select laser measurements to calibrate the scans. The scans are then processed back at the office into a 3D model, which are also used to create a 2D floor plan for use in analyzing the locations of personal activities and movements around the house. The 2D analyses and select screen grabs of 3D visualizations are used to succinctly help to convey key points in the resulting STÅ Plan™.