Safety by Design

Analyzing the Gaps

          We figure out what the older adult’s supportability shortfalls are at each room of the house by comparing minimum acceptable future requirements against what is currently there. The nuances of conducting these gap analyses are what make us so indispensable to that person’s portfolio for retirement planning. We have the knowledge and experience to create and validate projected future requirements for older adults, so that the resulting gaps that must be closed/satisfied with minor home projects and mitigating actions are credible.

          The gap analysis is unique for each person, as it compares the current attributes of that person’s home against what theESHgroup’s subject matter experts determine is minimally needed to have that older adult continue to live in a safe and satisfying manner in their home for at least the next ten years. Those future requirements are specifically determined based on a personal health survey and a reasonable projection of the person’s abilities to perform up to eighteen activities vital to independent living. The results of the gap analysis are included in the written STÅ Plan delivered to the client.